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What is a Foot Fetish?

Some people are attracted to breasts and legs and bums, others go crazy over a back, or a full head of hair and other people love feet! If you have fantasies about feet read on!! “Foot fetishism, also referred to as podophilia, is a sexual interest in feet and/or footwear.

Not only is it a very common fetish, but it is one that doesn’t require another object and is not potentially dangerous to participate in. It just means that sexual activities – hand jobs, oral sex, intercourse, have an element of feet added to them.

For someone who has a foot fetish, bare feet can be more erotic than a naked body. A person who has a foot fetish may get sexually excited by licking feet, smelling feet and toes, or even having someone step on them. Men may like their penis stimulated by feet. It can also involve things that touch the feet, like shoes, socks, or dressing the feet up or binding them.

Talk to our Manageress on (09) 3580900 if this sounds like something you want to try! She will give you advice on the prettiest feet available! Also, check our services page for a list of the different fantasies on offer!!

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