Passionate couple having sex on black bed. Hot brunette woman and handsome muscular man in bedroom.
The Pelican Club

The Pelican Club

Why have an Escort instead of visiting us at 101 Newton Road?

  • If you are “in the mood” but have already had a few drinks and can’t drive, give us a call and we will send a beautiful Escort to you
  • If you feel more comfortable in your own surroundings,  as opposed to using our rooms at The Pelican Club, give us a call
  • If you want a hot date to go out to dinner or a party, a movie etc give us a call
  • If you want a hot  sexy lady in your bed for an hour or two, give us a call
  • If you fancy  a few drinks and some hot steamy sex with your lovely lady without worrying about driving home give us a call
  • Describe your ideal lady to the  manageress and she will send the sexiest  lady on shift
  • Feel free to extend your Escort. 
  • The driver will organize everything for you.
  • The driver’s fee includes the lady being picked up by our driver when you are ready

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